Membership Fees

All membership fees go towards the care of our hounds.

Hunting Member
Hunting Individual  $735.00
Hunting Family (limit of 2 individuals)   $900.00

Intermediate Hunting Member (22-25 years)
Hunt Fee  $375.00
Limit 3 caps / per cap   $50.00

Junior Hunting Member (student under 21 years)
Hunt Fee  $250.00
Unlimited capping / per cap  $50.00

Social Membership
Individual   $50.00
Couple    $75.00

Capping Fee (26 years or older)
Limit 3 caps / per cap    $50.00     

Green Horse Capping
Exclusive to horses owned by Hunt Members     FREE
Limit 3 hunts per horse

Leave of Absence
No charge for 1st cap
Maximum 3 Hunts during leave of absence