Joining the Annapolis Valley Hunt as a riding or social member is a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors, see parts of Nova Scotia one may not otherwise experience, and to simply spend time with other horse & hound enthusiasts.

Membership Fees

All membership fees go towards the care of our hounds. Hunting Member Hunting Individual  $735.00 Hunting Family (limit of 2 individuals)   $900.00 Intermediate Hunting Member (22-25 years) Hunt Fee  $375.00 Limit 3 caps / per cap   $50.00 Junior Hunting Member (student under 21 years) Hunt Fee  $250.00 Unlimited capping / per cap  $50.00 … Continue reading Membership Fees

Social Membership

A social membership allows fellow horse enthusiasts to become involved in the Hunt Club without  having to ride.  It is also the next best way to experience the thrill and tradition of fox hunting without being on horseback. While social membership aids in keeping the equine community involved in the sport, it also helps to ensure tradition … Continue reading Social Membership