Hunt Members List

Members of our hunt would be happy to answer any  questions you have regarding the hunt, our fundraisers and activities. Please feel free to contact those with phone numbers provided or email us!

Hunt Masters
Dr. Paul Johnston (902-798-4633)
Bruce Rand
Deborah Roy

Kennel Huntsman
Dan White (902-757-0258)

Whipper Ins
Lori Ansems
Dr. Jeannine DeLuca (902-790-7978)
Dr. Gerry Johnston (902-632-2239)
Brad Mcquarrie
Dan White

Jeannine DeLuca (902-790-7978)

Judy Johnston (902-632-2239)

General Members
Maggie Bell
Susan Cox
Patrick Foote
John Johnston
Karen King
Martina Melenchuk Christie
Brad McQuarrie
Annette McQuarrie
Jeff Newbery
John Paull
Sue Paull
Shari Pictou (902-757-0258)
Gordon Russell
Hilary Tomkins
Linda Townsend
Julie Weste ( 902-434-9607/902-452-8696)

Junior  Members
Damita Hansen
Hanna Foote
Jennika Fuller
Esma Hudson
Samantha Symonds

Social Members
Ardath Barteau
Allison Bates
Elizabeth Hudson
Joan Russell
Monique Houle
Sandra Simmonds
Rick Guillion
Unice Gibson
Yvon Houle