About Fox Hunting

The Annapolis Valley Hunt may have  less history than those in the United Kingdom, where they originated in the 16th century, but it follows many of the same traditions. Members are dressed in formal hunt attire, the stirrup cup (a drink of port or sherry) is shared prior to the hunt, and hunt etiquette and hierarchy are closely followed.    Please view our AVH Handbook to learn everything you need to know to join us in the hunt field.

Visitors are encouraged to come watch, photograph, and enjoy the hunts! Hunt dates are listed under Fixture Card, however, it is best to contact a hunt member in advance so that they can advise you of location changes,  best viewing locations and approximate times. Donations are always appreciated but are not necessary.

Capping & Hilltopping

Cappers are non-member guests of the hunt who ride or “hilltop” with the hunt, (also called “capping”). We welcome enthusiastic cappers and only ask that you respect hunting etiquette including proper attire, that you have an appropriate level of  riding experience to ride with the field (can walk, trot & canter securely), and that you … Continue reading Capping & Hilltopping

Hunt Terminology

Every sport has its own unique terminology and fox hunting is no exception.  Following are a number of commonly used terms that you may hear in the hunt field. Appointments – uniform or livery of the hunt. Black melton frock coat. Canary Vest. Tan breeches. Black boots. Bowler or hunt cap with harness. White shirt … Continue reading Hunt Terminology